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Red Magnetic Dragon
Magnetic tone
Red Dragon
I Unify in order to Nurture,
Attracting Being.
I seal the Input of Birth.
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a galactic activation portal...enter me.

Magnetic tone
Magnetic tone
Attracting - Purpose - Unify
Magnetics are the activators and the initiators of the wavespell and the powers of creation. You are an attractor of creative energy and power. You bring people together around you, catalyze movement and make things happen.
Red Dragon
Red Dragon

Red Dragon
Red Dragon
Red Dragon Occult
Red Dragon
Red Dragon
East/Red Initiates
Nurture - Being - Birth
Energetic, powerful, protective, sensitive, private, initiating, primordial mother, blood memory, creative energy, supportive
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The dreamspell is an esoteric calendar based op de Maya calendar. This interpretation was brought by José Argüelles in 1987.


short oracle

At the left is the oracle, which briefly translates the energy of the day.

At the top is the galactic name, which describes the day, there are 260 possible combinations.

Underneath the tone and the glyph which indicate this day.The explanation of this will be discussed later.

At the bottom is the meditation of the day.

short oracle

The tone and the glyph are both unique energies which vibrate together every day. One can not exist without the other, both are equally important.

At te top the tone is described and at the bottom the glyph.Both of them show a similar structure.

At the top of every description there is an image with the title. The glyph will also have a color with associated wind direction and action.

Underneath you can read the following in italics in this order: The action - the function - the creative force

At the end there is a detailed explanation

short oracle

The flower or the oracle shows the whole picture.

- In the center is the glyph of the day.
- At the top is the guiding force.
- At the left, the antipode or challenging energy.
- Right, he analog or like-minded energy.
- Below is the analog power, which is not directly visible, but still is present.

If you move the mouse over a glyph, the declaration of the glyph and the tone that goes with it wull appear in the center.